Environmental policy

General Provisions

The environmental policy of LLC Tri Tochki (hereinafter referred to as the Enterprise) was developed in accordance with the strategy of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental safety and rational use of natural resources, environmental doctrine and taking into account the opinions of leading environmental public organizations.

Environmental policy defines:

  • the level of environmental responsibility of all employees of the Enterprise and the scale of obligations to maintain a favorable quality of the environment;
  • principles, goals and objectives of a unified policy in the field of environmental protection, rational use of natural resources and ensuring environmental safety for the long term.

Environmental policy of the Company is open to all interested parties - authorities and local communities, suppliers and commercial partners, consumers and public organizations.

Fundamental principles

  • personal responsibility of the top management of the Enterprise for the implementation of the Environmental Policy, continuous improvement of the environmental performance of enterprises and products;
  • environmental monitoring of the natural environment in the area of the Enterprise;
  • responsibility for maintaining a favorable quality of the environment in the territory of presence;
  • rational use of natural resources; reduction of production waste generation and environmentally safe handling;
  • constant and systematic reduction of the negative impact of technological processes on the environment, reduction of environmental risks through the introduction of the best existing technologies, achievements of science and technology;
  • rational use of natural resources based on the introduction of innovative nature and resource saving technologies;
  • systematic monitoring of compliance with industrial and environmental safety requirements;
  • continuous improvement of the level of competence of personnel in matters of environmental protection;
  • investing in activities aimed at preventing and reducing the negative impact of production on the environment;
  • effective interaction with government agencies and public organizations on the implementation of the Environmental Policy of the Enterprise.

Goal and tasks

The goal of the Environmental Policy is to ensure the environmental safety of production and the profitability of the Enterprise by creating a reliable and environmentally friendly production, an integrated approach to the use of natural resources and the preservation of natural ecosystems.

To achieve this goal, the Enterprise provides for the solution of the following tasks:

  • Compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of environmental protection, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, the principles of the company's environmental policy.
  • Reducing adverse environmental impacts by:
    • reducing the volume of emissions into the atmosphere of harmful substances;
    • reducing the volume of wastewater discharges and ensuring their standard quality;
    • reduction of production waste generation and ensuring the reduction of production waste generation and ensuring their safe handling, implementation of measures for waste disposal.
  • Consistent cost reduction and product quality improvement due to:
    • technological re-equipment and gradual decommissioning of obsolete equipment, introduction of the best existing technologies;
    • implementation of measures for resource and energy saving;
    • environmental support of technological production processes.
  • Improving the condition of workplaces, industrial sites, reducing environmental risks for personnel and increasing labor productivity.
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of the quality of environmental protection activities and the management system of these activities.
  • Continuous improvement of the state of industrial and environmental safety at the production facilities of the Company.
  • Increasing the energy efficiency of production processes at all stages.
  • Establishing the priority of preventive actions to prevent negative environmental impacts over actions to combat the consequences of such impacts.
  • Organization of continuous professional and environmental education of employees of the Company.
  • Ensuring wide accessibility of environmental information about the economic activities of the Enterprise, transparency of environmental activities and decisions made in this area.
  • Extension of environmental safety requirements to the activities of contractors.
  • The environmental policy is subject to revision, adjustment and improvement when the development priorities and conditions of the Enterprise change.

Final provisions

The implementation of environmental policy will allow:

  • reduce costs due to reduced consumption of energy, water, raw materials and materials;
  • ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of the legislation in terms of reducing the adverse impact on the environment;
  • to increase the competitiveness of industries and products;
  • increase consumer confidence in manufactured products; reduce environmental fees and fines;
  • increase the level of social responsibility.

The environmental policy is mandatory for all structural divisions of the Enterprise.